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Solar Energy: An investment that pays for itself!

You can save thousands of dollars over the years by owning your own source of solar powered electricity!

When you consider the volatility and uncertainty in ever increasing electricity prices, you need to take control of your utility costs with a solar energy system from Monarch Solar.

Monarch Solar specialists will structure your solar system in such a way that your energy savings will pay for your investment with little to no money out of pocket!

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Energy savings from a solar system varies according to solar irradiation, solar system size, geographical positioning of the solar modules and other factors. This savings calculator should be regarded as an estimating tool only and does not guarantee actual savings. It provides an indication of how much you should expect to save with a solar system that will offset 70% of your current electric bill. For more precise data, Monarch Solar encourages you to discuss your energy consumption and savings goals with one of our specialists.

Affordable solutions

It is now possible to switch to renewably sourced solar energy for little to no cost down payment with Monarch Solar’s same as cash, zero-interest financing options.

When you request a free solar consultation, our specialists will teach you about our different financing solutions as well as the how your solar energy system is going to pay for itself through the projected utility costs you’ll save by switching. Our solar customers typically see a complete return on their investment within 5 to 8 years after installation.


Today, the cost of a solar system is lower than it has ever been before. Federal and state tax credits may even cover up to 55% of a solar system cost. Additionally, local energy companies offer many incentives that can bring down the price even further.

Did you know that Santee Cooper rewards their solar customers with up to $3,600 in rebates?  

Horry Electric buys back excess solar electricity if your system produces more than you need. The solar grid functions like a backup battery, without the financial burden of adding an extensive on-site battery bank. 

With larger systems, you may be able to cover 100% of the cost of the units with rebate incentives. Typically, 5.0 kw and 6.0 kw packages with Santee Cooper have rebates and tax credits available. More details about these packages are available when scheduling a consultation with our staff.

With Monarch Solar, rebates and incentives together can cover up to 80% of your solar system costs.

Our Home Owners Say

“As a business owner I appreciated the professionalism, honesty, and integrity of my representative.”
Mike Jones, Little River, owner of Scratch Solutions LLC
“Very clean,fast and professional installation  My solar panels are performing up to expectation. I could not be happier”
“We enjoyed working with Monarch Solar to achieve the best system to meet our needs. The installation went smoothly and the panels look great!”
“Installation went seamlessly, and the communication to and from the sales representative was beautiful.”
Mike Jones, Little River, owner of Scratch Solutions LLC

How It Works

Our specialists evaluate your energy consumption and develop a custom solar system and quote based on your energy needs.

Our crew will mount the solar panels, install the inverter and complete the electrical connection of the system to your service panel.

We turn your solar system on. You’re ready to start saving and enjoying free and clean energy from the sun!
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