Charging Your Car With Solar Energy

Interested in a Car that runs on Sunshine?

Electric and Hybrid cars are great for saving their users money and saving the environment.  One of the challenges with electric cars is the power itself.

Charging these types of vehicles can be a slow process and also uses electricity from your home.  With the improvements in technology of Solar production, there are now solutions to these two issues.

One such solution is the SolarEdge inverter with EV connection for car charging.  You get all of the benefits of producing energy for your home while also doing the following for your electronic or hybrid vehicle:

-Faster Charging – get up to 6x faster charging by combining sun and grid power

-Reduce the cost of powering up your car by using solar energy

-If you have not already bought your electric/hybrid car, reduce the cost of buying a separate Electric Vehicle charger by getting a dual function inverter

-12 year warranty on your inverter

-Fully integrated monitoring platform with your solar inverter software program to track energy production from your solar panels with specific tracking of your EV production

Not all solar power inverters are EV (Electronic Vehicle direct charger) capable.  Contact your Monarch Solar rep to get more information or a free quote on this technology.

      Contact Monarch Solar more information or a free quote:   or  843-817-6527


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