Myrtle Beach Sun Tubes – Brighten your house & save money

Myrtle Beach Sun Light Tubes

As an energy improvement specialist, we’ve performed many presentations for customers to explain how they can save money with Solar power and through improving the efficiency of the customer’s home energy usage.

One of the best ways to save money on energy and to improve the brightness in your house is with a sun tube (sometimes people call these skylight tubes, sun tubes, or by a brand name such as the Natural Light Tubular Skylight).  Check out the pictures below for a quick example.

For this write up, we’ll talk about some of the great reasons that someone my at a sun tube light.

  • Many have great warranties – for example, we can offer a 25 year warranty on one of our sun tube options; gone are the days of worrying about leaking skylights
  • Reduce your monthly electricity costs by using sunlight
  • Options for all types of installations and different looks to satisfy your community and/or HOA requirements
  • Bright natural light to dark areas of your home; this improves the visibility in your home, makes the home more “cheerful” and improves the way the home shows if selling
    • Cathedral, great room ceilings are a good place (because the lights in the ceiling are high and don’t provide much light)
    • Dark hallways are a great place to add the tubes
    • Windowless bathrooms and laundry rooms are a popular area to add natural light
    • Kitchens are always a good area to brighten the area (see the before and after picture above)
  • Specialty products for different situations can be very handy
    • Bathroom exhaust options
    • Low profile options for tough HOAs
    • Dimmer capability
    • LED and Decorative diffuser options
  • Tax Credits – some sun tubes come with solar options that will allow you to take advantage of federal and state tax credits

Sun light tubes can be added to most areas in your home.  With elbows, flexible piping and other methods your sun tube installer has many capabilities to install where you need the light most.

If you are interested in a quote for sun light tubes, please contact Monarch Solar!  843-817-6527  or fill out a contact form here:


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