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Monarch Solar provides turnkey solutions to your solar system project. As a one-stop-shop, we guide you every step of the way, from your first solar consultation to the final approval by your local authority and utility company. There’s nothing like seeing the savings in black and white! Monarch Solar will be with you every step of the way to help you fill out your paperwork.

With years of experience in the Myrtle Beach area, we are up to date on the requirements needed in order to complete all utility company paperwork as well as tax credit forms and qualifications. Your information can vary by county, which is why we work extensively to know the requirements for each county. If you live in Horry county or Georgetown county, have no fear! We are well versed in their solar energy paperwork requirements to earn you more savings!

Solar Energy Consultation

Our specialists evaluate your energy consumption and develop a custom solar system and quote based on your energy needs. Our specialists walk you through the various ways you can save with solar energy and maximize your return on investment based on our financing options.

Site Survey & System Design

After you sign your solar system agreement, we gather on-site technical data, verify roof orientation, adjust for shading, and prepare detailed engineering plans for your solar system.

Our plans are designed to comply with local codes and National Electric Code (NEC) regulations. When considering rooftop installations, our specialists evaluate your roof age and condition and suggest any necessary improvements.

Permitting and Utility Interconnection

We also apply and process permits and perform all the necessary work to interconnect your solar system to the utility grid. We have established a strong partnership with our local Myrtle Beach utility companies and work hand-in-hand with Santee Cooper and Horry Electric Cooperative to expedite your solar project approval and installation.


With permit in hand, our team will contact you to schedule your solar system installation. Our crew will mount the solar panels, install the inverter and complete the electrical connection of the system to your service panel. Throughout the installation process, a Monarch Solar on-site inspector verifies that your property is kept neat, and the installation is aligned with the engineering plans, city codes and regulations.

Final Approval

After installation, we schedule an inspection with your local authority and utility company to assure your solar system is operational and meets structural specifications and electrical requirements. We handle all the paperwork and third party scheduling required for the final approval of your solar system.

After the final approval, we turn your solar system on. You’re ready to experience the full savings of what your solar system can provide!  

Ready to find out what solar energy can do for your home? Request your free consultation today!