Smart Thermostats – How do they save money?

Smart Thermostats are as good of an investment as we’ve seen in the energy saving arena.

Save up to 10-15% on your energy bills with a smart thermostat

Given that around 60% of your energy bill is due to heating and cooling expenses, if you can run your HVAC system more efficiently, you will save money. The Smart Thermostat does just that with its ability to regulate the temperature in the home for maximum efficiency.  Through great amounts of data in the “Smart” system, your thermostat will adjust the temperature as needed, while still allowing you the ability to control the temperature when desired for maximum comfort.

Given the relatively small investment for a Smart Thermostat (around a few hundred dollars installed for many models), the expected 10-15% savings* on your energy bill will make this a quick payback on your investment. Monarch Solar is a Nest Pro installer and can help customers understand the process of using a Nest thermostat.

Here are some of the highlights on using a Smart Thermostats used by Monarch Solar:

  • Programs itself for maximum efficiency and your personal usage.  This allows the system to pay for itself with energy bill savings
  • Industry leading Smart Thermostat
  • Cost effective way of reducing your monthly utility bills
  • Smart technology learns your tendencies
  • $50 Santee Cooper rebate available for Santee Cooper customers (as of 2018)
  • Track your progress and savings with the Nest “Home Report”
  • Customizable ring colors for every home decor
  • CNET has rated the Nest thermostat as one of the best Smart Thermostats on the market

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*Savings of this or any system are not guaranteed by Monarch Solar

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