Solar Attic Fans – Keep your attic cool using sun power

Solar Attic Fans 

Is your attic exceptionally hot?  There can be many ramifications of a hot attic.  From an energy perspective, hot attics make the air conditioner work harder because the insulation between the house and the attic is not enough to keep the heat out of the house.  When the HVAC works harder, we can assure you that your energy bills will be higher as well.  Further, a hot attic can be hard on the HVAC unit (if located in the attic), your storage items and even the inside of the roof system.

Just remember, in hot climates in particular, attics do get hot.  So, the difference in an attic with extreme heat versus an attic that is within the standard range of temperature can be hard for a homeowner to identify.  Your solar attic fan specialist should help you with this process of understanding.  Mainly, is your existing ventilation to the standard needed or not. A home with a proper ventilation system should not need an attic fan. In fact, if a home has an appropriate amount of ridge vent and soffit venting, the attic fan may counteract their effectiveness.

For the below benefits, we’ll make the assumption that your existing attic ventilation is not appropriate.

Why get an attic fan:

  • There are current models with 25-year warranty – this longevity will give you many years of savings on your project
  • The tax credits (as of 2018)
    • The Federal government offers a 30% tax credit on the total cost of the system.
    • The State of South Carolina offers a 25% tax credit on the total cost of the system.
  • Reduce the heat in the attic to reduce stress on the HVAC system.
  • Extend the life of your roof, by reducing conductive attic heat.
  • Create positive air flow and reduce moisture buildup.
  • Use solar power instead of electricity for power. This also provides for a faster and more avoidable installation.
  • Solar Technology Hub website rated the Natural Light Brand (which Monarch Solar often uses) one of the top 10 brands.
  • Specialty products are available as well:
    • Garage exhaust attachment to keep your garage ventilated and cool.
    • Low profile options for tough HOA’s
    • Dormer installs available

If you would like a free quote on a solar attic fan or have more questions about the product, please let us know.   843-817-6527

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