Solar New Homes

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Building New Homes With Solar and New Developments with Solar

Building a new home is an attractive option for many home buyers because it gives them the opportunity to do their home with all of the features that they want and while also getting the most modern technologies available. New Homes have several great advantages over older homes including: more reliable construction, best building practices, buyer’s ability to select their own features, smart technologies and energy savings.

Building a new home with solar is a way to take to take advantage of all of those advantages with the end result being the ultimate modern home.

Advantages of building a new home with solar:

  • Energy savings – Protect your new home against rising electricity prices. Producing your own energy can help newer homes largely offset their energy bills or even reduce energy bills to zero with incorporation of a battery system. See Net Zero homes for more info.
  • Low Monthly Costs in which monthly savings well surpass the cost – Add the cost of your solar energy system into your mortgage. The cost of the solar system already has many great incentives for cost savings. By adding into your mortgage the monthly cost becomes very low and the savings will pay for the system.
  • Added Home Value – Homes with solar have been statistically shown to have higher value than homes without solar. The added value will often surpass the initial investment in the system.
  • Step One for a Smart Home  – It can be said that the first step in building a smart home is adding solar. A smart home should be reliable, user friendly, efficient and comfortable. A solar home does all of these things:
    • Reliability – having a power system that is powered by the sun
    • User friendly – monitoring systems allow you to track your system production
    • Efficient – solar power helps you produce your own power efficiently and cost effectively – short payback period, great ROI, and long life power production (25+ years)
    • Comfortable – Having solar power can allow you to turn your heating and cooling to a more comfortable temperature without you having to pay for more energy power to the utility company
  • Best Building Practices – Adding your solar system during construction makes it easier to hide any wires or conduit from the panels. You can also utilize BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic) systems to your house such as the DecoTech System by GAF. Monarch Solar is a Solar Elite contractor that has access to these types of systems. Further, adding solar at the time of construction assures that your shingles and solar panels will last a similar amount of time longevity-wise. This will allow any future replacement of the components to be performed at the same time as reroofing. Further, doing the shingles and solar panels with the same contractor allows for a fully integrated roof warranty.
  • Don’t just modernize your Home; Future proof your home– the housing market is always evolving. Adding solar panels shows that your home is built for the future.
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Studies have shown that the construction of a new home can create 50 metric tons of CO2. Adding solar panels will help to reduce CO2 by using the clean form of solar energy.

How Do You Go About Adding Solar Power to A New Home?

At Monarch Solar, we can work with you directly to add solar panels to your new home or we can work with your builder. The advantage of working with your builder before the process starts is that the price of the system can be added into your mortgage.  Here are some key steps:

  1. We can help the builder or the homeowner (or both) determine an appropriately sized solar system size and budget.  Homeowners – let us know your builder or potential builder and we can work with them to incorporate the solar system into your new home. Home Builders – reach out to us and we will put together a system for your customer.
  2. We design a 3D layout for approval by your community
  3. We get engineering done for your system and handle the permitting process
  4. We coordinate with the builder so that we can install any needed rough-in of the electrical (usually installed shortly after the rest of the house’s electrical wiring); then near the end of construction we can finish the installation of the final components including the utility company’s bidirectional meter.
  5. After completion we provide warranty info and training for the homeowner on how to use their system.


Solar Powered Housing Developments

Developers looking to get an edge for their new community should look into a Solar Powered New Home Development.  Monarch Solar can work with developers to create a layout for each house model, club house, or otherwise.  We will help create a pricing strategy, options, and other solar implementation strategies at no cost to the developer. Monarch also helps the developer to identify incentives to install solar in their development.

Here are some reasons that developers across the country have started doing solar housing developments:

  • Create a modernized solar development that attracts young buyers and sets your development apart from the others
  • Take advantage of tax incentives of installing solar
  • Cut down on energy costs for model homes, club houses, or other energy using elements of the community
  • Sell homes for a larger amount – studies show that homes with solar power sell for more money
  • Enjoy the great PR of designing a community with solar power that has a lower carbon footprint. A typical development removes trees and creates emissions through construction – your solar community will set itself apart by being a community that works to reduce this impact and eventually will have a positive impact relative to alternative neighborhoods.