Attic insulation – Why you need to have your attic insulation revisited

Attic Insulation – Why You Need To Look At Having Your Attic Insulation Revisited

In Myrtle Beach, attic insulation is one of our prime areas to look at when your energy bills are too high.  Improperly insulated attics and attics with air leaks cost homeowners large sums of money each year.  If your home had fiberglass insulation blown in 8 or more years ago, your attic insulation probably needs to be updated. Further, many of the homes built in that age range may have air leaks due to improper sealing of ceiling penetrations.

When we have clients that are interested in solar panels, we first ask for their current energy bill expenses.  With this information we can determine whether the home is performing at a reasonable energy efficiency level.  If the home’s bills are very high some of the candidates for correction are: windows, HVAC units, drafty (improperly sealed) doors, the water heater, and, of course, the attic insulation.

Many older homes are not up to the current building code for insulation levels in the attic.  Current building code (as of 2018) specifies that the level should be R30.  For better efficiency in a hot southern client such as Myrtle Beach, attic insulation should be R38 or better. This keeps that extreme heat of the attic from affecting the inside of your home as badly.  Even if the home was originally insulated to code levels, since fiberglass insulation settles over time, it begins to lose its effectiveness.  This inefficiency can cost the homeowner greatly since approximately 60% of your energy bill is dedicated to heating and cooling.  At the same time, we often find that air gaps between the ceiling and the attic create conduits for the warm (or cold) attic air to come into the house.  Sealing those gaps is a key to energy bill savings.

Your Monarch Solar specialist can set up a free appointment to review your attic insulation to see if you need an update.

Here are some of our reasons to check out attic insulation:

  • A Cost Effective way of reducing your monthly utility bills
  • Simple cap-overs to update your insulation and keep the upgrade affordable
  • Seal leaky penetrations from the ceiling to the attic
  • Reduce heat/cold transfer from the attic to the home
  • Removal of any damaged or contaminated insulation areas in your attic (for a cleaner and healthier home environment)
  • Industry Leading Products used
  • Here is a good tutorial guide through the EnergyStar program:

If you would like to set up a free consultation and attic insulation analysis today we would love to hear from you.  843-817-6527  or click here.



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