Myrtle Beach Solar Energy

Solar power is an increasingly viable option for homes.

Current solar panels offer many advantages over other power generation methods:

-Solar power is affordable.  Solar prices have come down in recent years making the technology more cost effective than ever.  With current, Federal tax, State Tax and Utility company incentives the cost of installing solar power on your home or business has a very short payback period.

-Current solar panels last a long time.  Modern solar panels have long lives; often they will last 30 to 40 years.  Most of the solar panels come with written guarantees that the product will perform to a high level of efficiency for 25 years.  With this type of life span, the cost of the system will usually be paid off many times over within the product’s lifespan.

-Modern panels look better.  As with most technologies, solar panels made in recent years tend to perform to a higher level with less required space and size.  Further, panels are available with a black surface which does not standout as much as older panels once did.

-Solar is a clean and renewable energy source.  Just about any other way to produce energy has harmful side effects.  Solar power is produced without putting harmful byproducts into our environment.  It also does not need to use any of the earth’s resources to produce power.

-With solar you take control of your costs.  The power companies dictate what you will pay for solar.  With solar power you can take comfort that you will produce your own power for years to come without paying increasingly rates for that power from the utility company.  In other words, solar power provides an investment that will actually become more valuable year after year as the utility company’s rates go up.

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