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Making Your House more Energy Efficient

By | 2017-11-08T07:34:16-05:00 November 8th, 2017|Blog|

As a Solar Energy company, we specialize in helping our customers produce their own energy to save money. One of our first steps in the solar consultation process is to check on the current energy usage of our customer’s houses. When we can help our customers save money by doing some relatively inexpensive energy saving

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Solar Energy – Myrtle Beach & Other Cities Reducing CO2 Emissions

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Solar power saves money for the homeowner by reducing their dependence on the electric company power, but it also helps reduce their carbon footprint. This is an important part of helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and conserving resources through renewable energy. What is a carbon footprint? The carbon footprint is the total greenhouse

Myrtle Beach Solar Energy

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Solar power is an increasingly viable option for homes. Current solar panels offer many advantages over other power generation methods: -Solar power is affordable.  Solar prices have come down in recent years making the technology more cost effective than ever.  With current, Federal tax, State Tax and Utility company incentives the cost of installing solar